Saturday, December 12, 2015

Eat a pizza cone

There was this post in Suituapui's blog last month on potato and pizza cone, and I commented that I have never tried out the pizza cone before, neither in Sibu nor in Kuching. STP asked me to try and let him know as he has never tasted any too. So it was that particular weekend that we did our grocery shopping in eMart Batu Kawa and there is this stall selling pizza cone in the hypermarket.

You would not miss the stall as there is this big styrofoam pizza in cone picture in front of the stall. 

I always passed by this stall but never thought of trying out its food. So that morning feeling adventurous, I decided to give this Pizza World a food tasting.

All pizza cone is priced at RM5.90 nett and there are quite a selection to choose from. I opted for its best seller. Double Pepperoni Beef.

And their freshly baked double pepperoni beef pizza was just out from the oven while I waited for my pizza. Within 3 minutes waiting time.

And here was my pizza in a cone from Pizza World!!

It looked appetizing, don't you think?? And I could see that big slice of pepperoni on top.

And that was how the cone looked like. Like crust used in curry puff but thicker.

So, how did I eat my pizza cone? I had never eat my pizza walking around so I just got to wait till I were at home and placed my pizza cone on a plate.

For RM5.90, I think it was worth to try. You could taste the sourness of tomato sauce, the cheesy mozzarella and nice texture of pepperoni and potato cubes.


mun said...

From your description, I believe I will like to eat this pizza cone very much.

Anonymous said...

I did go back to the mall that day but I could not get myself to grab one to try, not all that cheap a snack. :(

lina said...

Looks interesting.

Would love to try them. :)

Merryn said...

I like to eat my pizza the ninja turtle way so I'm not too sure if I'll like eating it in a cone. I prefer to be able to see the toppings before I eat it. But maybe I should give it a try before coming to a conclusion :D

Sharon D said...

It looks super delicious. I'm dying to have a bite. ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Got chance, would loves to try it...

ahlost said...

never heard about this but can give it a try if one day both hubby and i are really hungry.. hahaha..