Friday, December 11, 2015

This green corner shop

After  our market walk, we went further by foot into the town centre and came to this green corner shop.

Hiap Chiong Cafe is the name and besides the coffee shop, they also operate inn upstairs.

This is the name of the road that the shop is situated at. The coffee shop is rather interesting as its front is a mini grocery shop cum eatery.

The kitchen is at the back which occupied a very small space. 

Not only this coffee shop is distinctively painted in green, it grows potted plants at the side of the walkway.

Talking about walkway, the owner fully use the walkway for tables and chairs so you would need to walk outside to go through the shop.

One thing about eating in Kapit that I learnt is that the food here is very pricey. So we mostly eat in my mil's canteen.


But this rare occasion, we had a chance to taste the local food, which is mostly influenced by Hokkien and Foochow. I did not mind sitting at the walkway of the shop waiting for my breakfast.

I did not want to eat fried noodle so I ordered hung ngang soup. It served pork slices, with few earwoods, green vegetable and salted mustard. Tasted bland to me as lack of salted vegetable and I prefer fish in my hung ngang.

The others had plate of fried noodle each. Looked good to me. 

And not forgetting its chicken feet soup. Tasty soup. Must drink while it is warm.

This was the only time I ate outside my mil's canteen. Hardly venture much this round and I were down with flu and not well in middle of my holiday. Maybe too much wild boars and durians. Lol.


Linda said...

I love the green, Rose! :)

reana claire said...

Never been to Kapit... so the food is pricey there? But I would love to try all the new food I haven't taste before..a bit here and there will be very adventurous for me.. :)

Sharon D said...

Haiyooo...the chicken feet soup has me salivating over my PC! Hope the flu's gone, Rose. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hotel's pricey too. One shoplot hotel, award winning some more - RM120 for a standard room. Stayed there before, not that nice. Can get something a lot nicer for less than 100 in Sibu or even in Kuching. They should lower the prices to attract more people to come and visit.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Me is no thank you to chicken feet, hehe...

Nancy Chan said...

From your description, I think Kapit is a very interesting place. Have a beautiful weekend!

mun said...

Nice green all around the shop!