Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miscellaneous Picture #47: holiday photos diary

Warning!  Photo-overloaded.  *wink*


The icon of the City of Swan

Kampua Special (RM5) in Kenyalang Cafe (next to Public Library)

Our express to Kapit

Welfie in the express

Killing times in the express


The clock tower in Kapit town

Spotted one mural 

Had a tasty Hokkien noodle (added fried lard bits) in the evening after church service

Had my MIL's special Mee Brunei almost every morning

The boys were happy roaming in the canteen

Black olive (dabai) in season

Up the mountain to see the big river in Selirik

One of the long houses along the way

Steepy road

Another long house

Logging camp

Down a steepy road overlooking a mighty high-tide river flow

View of the river's buzz

Long boats are important mean of transport in rural areas

Kapit express boat terminal

One of the first few shop houses built opposite the terminal in Kapit. Rebuilt (except the corner coffee shop) after they were burnt down many years ago

Kapit District Council but now is JPJ office

Fort Sylvia still standing strongly; used to defend Kapit during the old days against headhunters and rebels


The little one curiously looking out the window of the express

Sibu from our express view

Sibu market

Our early dinner in Sugarbun, Sibu Airport

Mural in the check-in hall

Flying home


trishie said...

Just read the post below this and it all looks and sounds wonderful. Great to have a full house and for your hubby to reconnect with friends.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Feel very relax looking at those outdoor views...

Yee Ling said...

Never been to Kapit. I think I am afraid of taking the boat.hehhe

suituapui said...

The little one looked a little worried. Not for long, I am sure. Would be up to mischief soon enough. Yes, Kapit is hilly, lovely views. Gee!!! Been there so many times, never been to Fort Sylvia, don't even know where it is.

Nancy Chan said...

I have never been to Sibu or Kapit and I am enjoying the tour through your photos.

Hayley said...

Thanks for sharing the photo! Your boy is that cute!

Libby said...

I like the photo of your boy looking out to the window

Libby said...

I have not heard of Kapit before

ChrisAu said...

It seems you really have a good time over the weekend! :)

mun said...

Nice photos for remembrance!

Agnes said...

have never been to any city and towns in Sarawak though we are just neighbour..good to bring the kids to sight seeing during school holidays.

Huai Bin said...

Hey we took a photo at exactly the same swan statue too! Haha!

Sharon D said...

Lovely holiday pics, Rose! Nothing like a family trip to bond with each other. ^.^