Wednesday, December 9, 2015

And then there was the market

One must visit Kapit wet market when you are here. There is much to see and buy; and you'll be amazed by what you witness there.

I have been to Kapit many times but embarassingly to say, I have been to its wet market once prior to my last visit. So it was an overdue visit for me.

We had a short tour in the market one morning. Very intriguing and eye opener if you asked me. One could find local produces, souvenirs and crafts there. My kids being city dwellers were gawked looking at those lived and dead animals.

Look at what we found here.

Peddlers sell their produces at road side.

Along the pedestrian walk leading to the wet market.

Local vegetables and fruits.

A big local fruit that taste and smell like mango. (Above)

Black olive (dabai) on sales.

Bumped into hubby's friend who bought a bunch of red wild durians!

The side of the Teresang Market.

Live animals in the cages.

Beautiful handcrafts

Wildboars are common sight here.

What did you see above?? That was a wild animal (musang).

The following photos are courtesy of my sil.

Wild boar


River Snails (belitong)



Merryn said...

Err... erm... aiyo.. I dunno what to say about the animals. I'm so used to see only fish, chicken and pork in wet markets that the sight of these scares me. Esp the snake >_<

mun said...

I wanna try those wild red durians! Thanks for showing us the photos. Don't think I will ever get to go there.

Linda said...

Hi dear Rose, I agree with Merryn. I don't like to see dogs and chickens or any other animals in cases, I find it very sad. But on the positive side I love your photos, and the wide variety of things at this market...and the umbrellas are so nice!

Huai Bin said...

How interesting!

I thought the mango thing is called "kuinin" (which is a little something like mango but more tart) but it doesn't look like it. Yours has a brown skin while the one I'm talking about has the same skin color as a mango (green, it doesn't turn yellow when ripe).

OMG!!! I've been looking for those red durians!!!!

Good to hear they're in season now, I shall try them when I'm back. Hopefully they're still around then.

Agnes said...

They sell snakes no no..I won't visit the market there..scary.
The big fruit smell like mango is bambangan, my favourite fruit.

Rose said...

Bambangan. Ok. Thanks for the info. The local there called it bawang. Not sure that is the proper name.

Shirley Tay said...

Gosh, selling wild animals on the streets? Don't think this kinda stuff is allowed in SG. Even in my younger days, I don't recall seeing dead animals like civets selling on the roadside. An interesting sight for me tho. xoxo

Nancy Chan said...

Market is always interesting. I would definitely want to visit this market and buy some of the fruits. But I wouldn't want to see the wild animals, frogs and especially the snakes!

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Ung Tong? The bakery in the block of shops facing the market? The old school butter cake is out of this world, can smell from far far way. Even those branded names cannot compare - my friends, a couple from KL caught the smell, went in and decided to buy two only as they did not look so impressive...and they tried as they walked away. Ended up, they went back and bought a lot more - bought some for me too. Really, very nice!!!!

Rose said...

Not sure is the same bakery wjen sell good buns. Their garlic buns are good. And so is the muffins. My mil bought a lot this round for us to eat in canteen. But I forgot the location as I have been there once long ago.

Sharon D said...

Omigosh...I love wet markets. It's always interesting to see what they have there and what others eat. :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

So far, those dogs i saw on cage is in pet shop where the dog is on sales waiting for owners to buy them...

lina said...

Visiting local markets sure can be an assault to the senses. :)

Ez Vina said...

Wow to the red durian but euwww to the snake.