Monday, March 30, 2009

Would I go back to work?

Few friends and relative asked me whether I would be going back to the work field after I deliver my baby in September. They thought I have enough of been a working mother and call it a quit. Sorry, I am not looking into "early retirement". I am definitely going to look for a job after my delivery. Two reasons: one is I have never stop working since I graduated back in 1999 and enjoying the thrill, self satisfaction and benefits that come with it (don't mention the bad aspects such as office politics, backstabbing etc that come with it); and secondly I want to help my family financially. So, I would definitely look for a job. Of course provided that I could find a 8 to 5 job that I like with salary sufficient enough to cover my and family expenses. If the job is good but could not promise me a sufficient pay, I wouldn’t take it. It doesn’t work that way and waste of time and effort.

Before I quit, our household income was around RM7000.00. It was just enough to cover everything and left some for our saving. With me quitting, we still can survive at hubby’s pay but of course, we couldn’t save much now. There are so many things to pay, i.e. house loan, car loan, credit cards, miscellaneous etc. I have cut down on my cosmetic and clothing since I don’t work anymore. Lol! Not that I do not look after my appearance and look, occasionally I do wear make up but my skin feels better without those make up.

Some more with a new baby down the road, it will be some additional expenses, i.e. vaccination, baby stuff, milks etc. Thank god I still can use some baby clothing and cloth diaper kept from little gal. They are still new and can be used. We bought mostly white baby clothing so it is unisex. *wink* With new baby, we have to put aside RM200-300 per month. I can said, first 2 years of baby’s life is all about vaccination, diapers, milk and medical fee!

It has been a month now that I am becoming a SAHM. But hey! SAHM is also a work when you think of it in other way. A mother is always a full time and further more a whole life job that you cannot quit of!! For time being, my life is relaxing but once a while it is rather boring; me being alone most of the time at home. However starting next motnh, I will be full time taking care of my gal, no longer sending her to baby sitter. Every day I have to think of what to do, what bills need to pay, planning my route, what vegetables and meats to buy, what for breakfast etc. It is not so if I work, as everything is planned for me, i.e. wake up, go to work, do the same tasks in office, go home, dinner and sleep! It may be boring routine, but at least I have social interaction with people when I worked. Alright, you can say that I am bored being SAHM, so I have to tell you that I would definitely go out to the work field after my delivery and confinement. Hopefully by then, the economy is better and more job opportunities around. Not thinking of doing sales or marketing as it proves stressful and of long hour’s commitment, but more administrative works. It may be something different from what I did, but with my experiences in property and retail management, I hope to gain more knowledge in other field that I have yet to discover.


lvynana said...

RM7k, consider big for Kuching life. You're very lucky.

Nick Phillips said...

I wouldn't mind being a SAHD but unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to survive la ...

janice said...

hehehe.. now all women wud wan to work.. SAHm bit.. diff hehehe..

susy said...

I am sure you will be able to find a job after your confinement, I also did the same. By the way, did you put on weight? how much did you put on rose?

pearly said...

congratulation to you and your hubby.

so surprise u pack it in so early , how many mouths now ? never mind la now just chill and relax to enjoy the most of it ,little gal will be happy have mum around to send and pick up from school . I have been a SAHM for long time be4 I return to work , you will be busy baby come out with 2 kids to look after and home to look ater .
wooow well come back to the baby world .
I guess it right ! :P
wat a super GOOD NEWS so ahppy fgor u .
sorry for long time didn't show up to your blog :)
take care of yourself will pop back soon xxxx

RaiNboW said...

Good luck!!