Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Packs of fruits

Hubby back from Sibu on Sunday night, and bought some fruits home. Now our house is packed with many fruits that I think we can set up a fruit stall. Lol!

Longan (Cat's eye or Mata Kucing in BM)

Over the weekend, I brought some longan from my parent’s place as they have abundant of the ripe fruits. Mum was complaining that the bats are eating her fruits and make a mess on the compound by throwing the skins everywhere. So, she is giving away some to us, but looks like no one dare to eat it. The fruits are “heaty” just like durian. I don’t really fancy the fruits because when I tasted some, I will start having sore throat. Little gal loves it though. The meat is really sweet I have to admit.

Jambu air (Bell fruit)

Back to hubby’s fruits from Sibu. He bought some langsat, jambu air (my favourite) and Sibu orange back.

A type of orange or lime??

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Dav DiDi said...

I learn something new... longan is actually the mata kucing ah ?? hahaha... never know about it!