Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It is fun to do window shopping as well

Hubby will be flying off to KL this evening. How I wish I could follow him. *wink* Nah, he is going for training and meeting. I wouldn’t want him to worry about me and little gal wondering around the shopping complexes during his absence. Not with me being preggie and having to tug along a 3 years old girl along.

I do love to shop around alone, as it feels better and I have more freedom than shopping with friends or even hubby. Not that I dont enjoy shopping with friends or hubby but it is different experience shopping alone. Lol! This make me remember last June and September when I was in KL doing shopping by myself. Not so much on the actual buying, but more on window shopping and getting to know new outlets and wonderful stuff when you walk around the malls. It was so much fun.

Never mind, I can still do some window shopping with little gal in Kuching, probably at bigger malls like The Spring and Boulevard. My gal loves The Spring more, probably due to their indoor pool and interior decoration. She enjoys her walk there more. Just last week, we have brought her there twice. Once with her maternal grandparents then again with her paternal granddad. Now she even know her way around the shopping mall, which outlet is located where! Lol!


FAD MOM said...

The Spring? that sounds like a nice mall. I must make a trip to Kuching in future!


Hazel said...

i love window shopping too, especially if i can shop alone without any callling form my hubby