Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plan for the day

Sometimes I can be so free with nothing much to do and I can just lazy around and procrastinate. Even hubby is complaining that I am becoming to be a lazy wife. Other times there is so many agenda in my head and I don't know which side to start with; not that I am complaining though. To me, have things to do means good; easy to pass time and I can move my butt around. Lol! I think I better get out from my house; no good movies to watch, house is clean, laundry done and I am bored. I need some social interaction.

A catching up and gossip with a friend would be good. Some more this friend of mine is pregnant and currently not working like me, so lots of stories to tell. *wink* Got to check whether she is free or not. I also have been thinking of visiting a hair salon soon. I want to cut my hair shorter. Now my hair is shoulder length, I can tie it up, but I am thinking to trim it shorter. The last time I have my hair cut was last August, which is about time to do so. At least by my confinement time, my hair will grow and I wouldn’t have to suffer that much, i.e. heat, sweaty hair, 1 month unwashed hair!


Hazel said...

i wash my hair also during my confinement..

lvynana said...

My mum also dont let me wash my hair for 1 month during confinement, aiyo..really cannot tahan la.

JenJen's Place said...

Yar! 1 mth cannot wash hair!