Sunday, March 1, 2009

My new status for the year

If you've noticed, I have changed my profile to “A temporary stay-at-home mum, which my home will be my territory. Fully revolving my energy in the remaining time of this year to my family and other personal affairs.”

Yes, I have quit my job and decided to stay at home. My initial plan is to stay on till middle of the year, but circumstances happen and I have to quit early. Stress is part of it. Emotionally and physically stress.

Farewell presents from the colleagues. They are for my new house (which wouldnt be ready that fast). I havent open them up yet, but I guess I shall leave them like that.

A beautiful pendant from colleagues. I am so touched!! Although only for a short period (i.e 6 months) of employment, I have grown to know and like my colleagues. *sob sob* Going to miss them.

So till new baby is here, I will be resolving to look after the household. Don’t know if I will be used to it, but I better be for the next 6 months the most. Will only look for new job after delivery, so for time being, it will be family and nothing but family. A temporary not-working mum for the rest of 2009. My new daily routine would be: Sending and picking little gal from school, take care of her since we wouldn’t be sending her to baby sitter starting April, cooking and so forth. Another plan is to find side income, which I have yet to finalise, but hopefully to realise my plan. Shall update you guys if this plan goes according to what I want. *wink* Hmm, any tips from other mums for this new stay-at-home mum??


Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhh .. cool!! temporary full time housewife .. hehehe..

Anyway, hope you enjoy your 'vacation' and again.. congrats..

Hazel said...

actually, being a mom should stay at home to look after our own children..u can get side income through blogging

JenJen's Place said...

I AM JELES!! SIGH! Wonder when my husband can tell me to quit my job if it is too stressful :(

lvynana said...

Enjoy ur time as a SAHM, will be a good experience..i guess.

Ching Ching said...

Wa... Stay at home throughtout your pregnancy. So nice!!! I believe the baby will be very softheart because you are less pressure.