Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet the teachers

Little gal’s school is calling for a parents and teachers meeting tomorrow afternoon from 130pm to 600pm. This would be my first time attending such meeting. I wonder what they would be talking about??? Children’s development, school’s activities, new committee? And it is stretching for 4 ½ hours. I don’t think I would linger there too long, probably escape around 5pm and pick up little gal from baby sitter’s house at the same time since it is on the way.

I have been planning to meet up with little gal’s teacher, just checking on her progress in school. Probably this is a good chance to meet up with the concerned teacher! Alright, got to go. Time to get ready, need to pick little gal then hubby from work and after that we have our dinner somewhere in the city. How I missed dine-out. *laugh* I am a full time driver for both of them now. Hubby's dinner treat tonight.

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