Monday, May 26, 2008

Bluer Day

I have never like Monday but today is definitely not my day. Woke up, feeling tired than usual, my mind keep debating whether today is Monday or Sunday. How I wish it is Sunday. But reality sank faster than the iceberg sank the great Titanic, I have to admit that it is not going to be a better day for me.

True enough, I nearly have an accident on the road. Some crazy guy parking his staled car on one of the busiest roads in Kuching, and everyone taking times squeezing through. As I squeezing my car through, someone in other car also squeezing through from the side. Ggggrrr! How inconsiderate. Furthermore, my petrol indicator kept blinking red, telling me that it is time to fill my car with some petrol. I was worry that I may be the next car that stopped in middle of the road!! After filling my faithful car with petrol enough to cover my 5 working days, I rushed to office.

Although today weather was gloomy without sight of sun the office temperature was rather warm. Maybe because of temperature, everyone is rather in high mood today. I developed a headache during my weekly meeting till lunch time. Not only that, by lunch time, we were so hungry that we can eat the whole horse! *laugh* Thank god lunch brought some good mood in us as we tried out new eating place across the road. Buffet lunch, RM5 per person only. Cheap right? Food was so-so, nothing fancy, but we just stuffed ourselves with what offered on the buffet table.

I thought the day was getting better but it was not. Afternoon went well in the office, and we have rain too. Monday is aerobic day so after work, I rushed to the aerobic centre. By the time I reached the area around 525pm, I noticed that the area was quiet. Waited for 5 minutes and sensing something was not right, I called the person in charge. After several calls, no one picked up the calls, so I decided that was it for the day. No one turned up and calls cannot get through. It must have been cancelled. I did not attend last week session, so I assume that they have decided on canceling today session without informing me.

Sigh! The person in charge did call me back, apologize for my time. Anyway, it was not the first time and I decided it is time to look for another aerobic centre. Oh well, at least I went home earlier today and able to catch my Chinese drama series at 7pm! Yes, I started to pick up a series just few days ago. *wink*

Alright, my headache is haunting me again, I better call it a day. Good night and sleep tight everyone.


Zooropa said...

Hope ur headache is all gone by 2moro and have a good start at work + he whole day! hehehe...


U.Lee said...

Hi Rose, I guess everyone has one of those days when things don't go right and the weather not helping either.
Gosh, you drive till your car almost on MT? Ha ha.
That reminds me, I got lost in an oil palm estate in Johore, it was coming to twilight, and having gone in circles trying to find my way out, I was practically running on fumes, and guessed the MAN up there answered my prayers, when seeing a man on a bike and he led me out...I practically coasted into a gas station on the main road.
My wife is on to Chinese TV serials here too, and between 8pm to 10pm...and knowing what they are, I have to sacrifice my TV watching...and glad there's blogging to occupy me then.
Anyway, here's hoping you singing 'what a wonderful world' now, ha ha.
Stay easy Rose, and have a nice day, Lee.

st_hart said...

well, it can happen to everyone. i can understand you hate monday; i don't like either. it will be different if our holiday is tuesday instead of sunday :D

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose, hope will have a better day tommorow. Monday is not my favorite day also. :D
I was a big fan of the 7.00pm Chinese TV Series for many-many years. It can be so addicted...hihi!

cinnamon_apple said...

Hi Rose, like everyone else, I hope you have a way better day tomorrow!!! Monday is my least favorite day of the week too - because it means going back to work and I have nothing but the whole week of work to look forward to (which I don't). LOL.