Sunday, May 25, 2008

Take Care of Your Contact Lenses Hygiene

A family friend recently told us that his wife is going to undergo an eye operation. The wife is a contact lenses wearer. She did not take care of her lenses hygiene; she seldom clean or rub the lenses with necessary solution. Soon, her eye contacted an infection early this year. She did not go for any treatment, thinking that the infection will go away. Slowly it developed into a viral infection.

Recently our friend brought his wife for check-up at specialist’ clinic. Turn out that the small infection turned into virus that attacked her eye nerve system. Meaning that she may go blind permanently. The more heart-breaking news is that she has to undergo an abortion due to the possibility of viral infection affect her unborn child. The doctor advised the couple to abort the baby as chances are high that baby will be blind from the viral infection.

So friends out there, please take care of your eyes. If you are contact lenses wearers, do rub, clean and rinse thoroughly your lenses before placing them into the solutions in your contact lenses cases. I am a wearer too.

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Billy's Mom said...

OH NO! That was really sad. Hope they do not really have to go though all that. :-(

Thanks Rose.