Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot + Jam = Wild Week

It has been nothing but hot this week. Else where around the world there are earthquake, typhoon, illnesses and famines, I experience hot weather. It is extremely warm this year. Not many clouds and the atmosphere is hazy. Compared to others faced from other countries (some are really in bad shape with no food and medicine supplies), we should be grateful. I should not complain about the weather much.

Not only the weather is unbearable, even everywhere is jammed. More cars than usual on the road. I took more times to reach my destination. Maybe school holiday is coming soon? Maybe everyone is rushing for Gawai celebration since sales are everywhere now.

Maybe because of the weather and the food I ate, I have experienced some stomach discomfort. Got mild diarrhea on Tuesday, thank god it was nothing serious. After passing out few times, my discomfort gone at the end of the day. At nights, I kept waking up in middle of the night. I lost count of how many times, but I know more than twice. During those 2 times, I wake up feeding my little gal. It was quite warm at night even we are sleeping in the air conditioned room. What a wild week for me!


Zooropa said...

Yeah the weather is terribly hot these days! Seldom see u at my place, how r u buddy?...


Rose said...

Hi Dora! I am fine! Yeah, I seldom visiting you and others nowadays. I only go during evenings..... :P sorry har.