Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Relaxing Wednesday

As usual I woke up around 6am to the noise of my little gal next to me. She has the habit of waking up very early since she was a baby. I guess it is good thing when she is schooling, which I hope she will keep it up. *wink*
Since nothing much to do in the morning and I am in no hurry I just switch on my notebook and blog hopping. It is always great to visit all my blogger friends and check on what they have been up to lately. Wow! I did miss a lot of news from them. When I have nothing to do, I love to blog hopping around and check on all those interesting blogs.
It rained for a while early in the morning. I think it is a short drizzle, did not have much effect on the weather. It is still hot today. I am not working today, so I shall get my air-conditioner in my bedroom serviced and checked as it was rather warm for the past few nights.
Planned to bring little gal to The Spring since she has been nagging me to go shopping. She nags everyone including her grandpa who is coming over for a short visit from Kapit. Before she nags me again, I will take the initiative and bring her to window shopping. It is good idea to window shopping at The Spring with its cooling ambiance. *wink*
Time to go for breakfast with family. See you later. Chow!!

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