Saturday, May 17, 2008

Household chores??

What house chore you like the most? Washing? Doing laundry? Sweeping and mopping? I enjoy cooking and washing dishes. I enjoy cooking now compared to few years ago. I do not have complain for washing dishes as I have been washing them since I was taught when I was young. *wink*

The house chore I hate the most is ironing. I never like ironing. When I was in my teens, I have to help my parents around in preparation for the Chinese New Year. Furniture to be wiped, windows to be wiped, bedroom to be cleaned and clothes to be ironed. Maybe me being the eldest in family, I have more tasks to do compared to my other younger siblings. When come to ironing, I hate to iron a pile of clothes from the family members. Hot from the heat and take long time to smooth out the crinkle of a shirt. Ironing has never been “my favourite list” even now that I am married.

Although now I am using steamer more than an iron to straighten my clothes, I never like the process.


Katherine-Lee said...

Doing the laundry for me. I don't mind sweeping, but I loathe mopping. Too much of a chore. I don't mind ironing, I find that it is a great exercise for flabby arms. *grins*

MamaBoK said...

Sorry.. i hate all of it.. !! if i can get a part time maid.. who does a good job.. i wouldn't wanna do it ever again.

Jen's Place said...

I HATE IRONING TOO!! Absolutely hate it! Sigh but no choice lar..

2crazydogs said...

Rose, I don't mind doing dishes and that's all I want to do. The rest, forget it.

Sue Sue said...

Aiyer... I hate ironing too. Never like it in my life.