Saturday, May 10, 2008

O Mother of Mine

There is a lot to be said about one’s relationship with her parents, especially with her mother. The relationship between mother and daughter can be rewarding, difficult, hilarious, angst-ridden and funny, all at the same time. Add the mother-in-law from hell or heaven stories, and you know the deal!!

I have never been close to my mum when I was young. I do respect her as a woman and mother of three, keeping the household well with her bare hands. Cook and care for her husband and children all those years. I seldom confide anything with my mum when I was in my teens as I mentioned before, I was never bond to her.

I know that some mothers are hysterical women (I knew some of my friends’ mothers are, over tiny matters!) and I thank God that my mum isn’t one. She was strict to us especially me when we were young. Maybe me being the eldest among the siblings. Even if I didn’t do anything wrong, I will always take the blame. I used to hate her for this and wonder why she detested me that much. As I grew up and matured, I learn to accept and understand her predicament. She only want the best for all her children, including me! I understand that she did not hate me at all.

Marriage and children took away her youthfulness and ambition. Married at age of 20 and taking care of the family at a young age, she has never enjoyed what life could offer her.

Her predicament made me strive to have a better life and repay my parents for what they have done and sacrifice for me. I studied hard and obtained my degree and eventually secured a good job offer. I believe that my mum is happy for who I am today although she had never say it aloud. Not an expressive woman, she keeps everything to herself. Sometimes I wish that she could have shared her dilemma and confide anything to me. As much as I like it, I wish that I was close to my mum when I was young. However it is never too late, thank god that we grow closer in the past years and I am happy that once a while I can call back or visit her and share stories with her, may it be parenting, food recipe or personal problems.

I love my mum and admire her for her sacrifice she has made for her family. Mum, you have brought me to this world and taught me well. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you, mum. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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janicepa said...

wah.. so touchy ..
happy mommy day to u .. erm.. belated.. kekeke..