Saturday, May 24, 2008

A couch potato or what?

I am not so much in television, as I don't watch much of it nowadays. I used to follow those Hong Kong drama series and sports channel, but those were the days before I married. Staying in hubby's house with my sis and bro-in-law, I seldom have the privilege to watch tv programmes. Maybe I dont miss it too. So nothing to lose from it, I bet.
Darling hubby loves to watch those Taiwan soup opera on AEC, ASTRO channel at 6pm every weekday. How I hate it? I dont quite understand their Hokkien and I do not read the Chinese subtitle. So, a no-no series for me. Once hubby sticks to the drama, nothing can distract him anymore. All antenna concentrated on the television and external distractions are blocked out from his reception. Sometimes I enjoy watching him watching tv more than I watch tv itself! *laugh* He can sit there from 6 till 7pm, and I hardly can get his attention when it is dinner time. Need to call more than twice and clap my hand to get through him. Sometimes I leave him alone and I have my dinner by myself.
If you ask me what I watch, I only watch CSI series on AXN on Sunday afternoon. If there is any tennis matches, I will try to tune in, but usually it played in the evening. Everyone would be around by that time and we dont watch the same channels. Mostly hubby and others watch Chinese channels more. And little gal will fidget and nag to go to the bedroom for her usual play time.
Since hubby is in front of the television, I nag him to do some exercises at the same time. So he started to do his usual weight-lifting exercises. Flexing his dumbells while watching television. Now, I guess that is better than him sitting and doing nothing but watch television right?


Billy's Mom said...

That's a good start! :-)

Rose said...

Hahaha! Yeah Billy's mom. At least there is something to start off with!