Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Never try, never know

“Never try, never know” has been my motto all those years in pursuing my dreams. Dream by itself will never be realized if I did not put a little bit of effort to make it happened.

It is never easy nor difficult to pursue dream. I just need to take risks. Risk of failing what I want, expecting too much out of it and in the end I lose something or disappointed by the outcome are all the risks I encountered. But never mind, the most important part is that I tried it. I have tried to pursue my dreams, some succeed other fail.

Some people do not dare to take risks. They worry of rejection, failure or uncomfortable by its situation. What they really don’t know is that if they never try, they will never know what they are going to expect. If you try, at least you have been there, you try it, you know the outcome. Do not make the same mistakes or take the same step in future. If you never try, you would never know your mistakes, or if it is the right move.

Life is concentrated on making decisions. Decisions come with risks and choices. Should you buy car A or car B? Should you go abroad to pursue your dream or stay back and help your family in their business? Either good or bad decision you make, at least you try it out.

I am going to make a decision now. I have been holding it back all this while, and finally I have choices in front of me to choose from. Whether it is the right or bad decision, I do not know now. I cannot predict the future, I do not know what future holds for me. I know it is a difficult decision, but sooner or later, I know that I have to take a step in making it. Wish me luck!


Geraldine said...

let me guess, u finally decided to gets a divorce?? congratulations!! i thinks everyone will be happy for u!

PEARLY said...

Rose dear :
whatever decision you make here I wish you luck and take it easy xxxx

Zooropa said...

Yeah being human is like this, always stuck at the difficult decision-making moment. You can spend some time to think abt it over & over but once decided don't look back no matter what's the outcome.


Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
pppstt...good luck my fren!
U know u will have our support no matter what you plan to achieve ^_^

Patricia said...

Rose, Good luck!
I believe whatever decision you take, it will be right!
As you never know what is right or wrong at the moment - you will understand it only later!

Nick Phillips said...

Whatever decision you're going to make, stick with it and good luck :)

Billy's Mom said...

Good luck kawan!

cinnamon_apple said...

Good luck, Rose! Anything decision involves a risk - no matter how big or how small. I hope everything works out! AND, happy mother's day!