Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's brunch here

It is back to school, so it means waking up very early in the morning and spending more times in my car chauffeuring my kids around. 2 weeks just fly too fast!

Over the holiday, we had wonderful and fun staycation, not one but two! It was back to nature in Borneo Highlands and enjoy the sand and sea in Damai Beach Resort.

I did not cooked breakfast much during the school holiday so I could spent more times in bed than in the kitchen. Lol. So, poor hubby, he did get much home-cooked breakfast when the kids were on holiday. Hahaha.

I did brought my kids out for breakfast or some days, it were brunches because by the time we had our meal, it was almost 10am.

For instance, we came here last week. Looking back, it has been a long time I have been to this coffee shop. It is that long!

The last time I were here, I had its super delicious braised duck with glass noodle. The stall is still there, happy to know that.

*archive photo*

So together with my mum, we came here for our brunch on one fine morning. Thanks to mum, chaperone my 3 kids is so much easier than me bringing them out myself. ^^

Lucky star was with us that morning as we were able to secure a nice table when we were there. We seated just in front of the toast counter.

Jan wanted a simple kaya and butter toast so I ordered 2 pieces for her.

Kaya & butter toast

I wanted something to wake up my taste buds so I had this super warm and delicious fish balls mee hoon soup. Love its sour, sweet and salty combination. The handmade fish balls were nice to bite too.
RM9.00 fish balls mee hoon

The big mee hoon in the soup

Mum ordered dian bing hu from the same stall. She quite like it, except it would taste better with some red wine, she said.

RM5.00 dian bing hu

Jay and Jamie shared this handmade kolo mee. Sweet sauce and elastic noodle but not my kind of noodle.

One of the nicest brunches I had with my mum and kids during the school holiday.


Nancy Chan said...

Nice yummy brunch. So now you are back to your busyness, 2 weeks holidays passed too quickly.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

See the fish balls makes me crave for it, hehe...

ChrisAu said...

Yes, schools restarted and I had a difficult time waking my kid up for school... he just don't want to wake up on the first

wow.. nice brunch!

mun said...

It is the company that makes the brunch nice!

Merryn said...

Food looks good. I remember when I was younger, I love eating glass noodles but always suffered indigestion after that. Now, I no longer eat that as I realized I can't stomach that. Sad lah coz I really love it :(

Princess Ribbon said...

The glass noodles look like it will absorb all the soup, very fast.. I also use glass noodles to cook my vegetables, with cabbage and "foo zhuk", very nice..

Anonymous said...

Yes, the holidays are over, my girl is back in her school now - no more going here and there eating this and that, back to the same old routine. :(

trishie said...

Everything looks amazing! Rose, I've often wondered how you manage to go out with three kids to eat all the time. My boy won't sit still for more than 10 minutes he is so naughty !

Linda said...

It looks like a great brunch and lovely time, Rose! :)

Hayley said...

I love toast, always cannot go wrong with that.

Sharon D said...

The food looks super yummy, Rose and good to hear that you had a great holiday. We build our fondest memories from family togetherness. ^.^