Friday, June 5, 2015

Eve of Gawai

Before I continue my Borneo Highlands tour, I think it would be appropriate to post up this post first.

As you knew, we went to Borneo Highlands on Sunday, which was the eve of Gawai celebration. A very big festival in Borneo.

Most population in Borneo Highlands is Bidayuh so along the way there are many Bidayuh villages.

Even on the eve of Gawai, the Bidayuh is still working and opening their business to cater to last minute crowds.

Well, along the way up to the highlands, we stopped by this rest stop. Actually we planned to take our toilet break but since we were there, hubby suggested we let the car rests before we "torture" it with more narrow and winding roads. Some more we had been on the road for more than an hour so it would be appropriate to stop and fill up our stomachs. 

It was good idea to have our lunch before we went up since there would not be much choice of food since the only cafe there was in Borneo Highlands Resort, which serves only vegetarian food. 

Nothing much at this stop but better than nothing. And hubby said it feels like back to his hometown in Kapit. Friendly villagers and simple life.

And I saw them cooking lemang for Gawai. Yummy!!

Jan and Jay were excited and curious, so they were busy looking at the aunt cooking the lemang while waiting for our food.

The same person who made the lemang, also serve kolo mee.

This Bidayuh aunt was cooking kolo mee. I never tasted any kolo mee cooked by Bidayuh so I were curious to try it.

While waiting, my kids saw the hard-boiled eggs on the table and they were happy to help themselves to one each!

It was more to peeling off the shell than eating them but both ate the egg white and left the yolk to me. And yes, my kids do not eat egg yolk like that unless I beat the egg up and fry it.

They said the eggs reminded them of their Ah Mah's canteen in Kapit. Lol. I think they miss Ah Mah and canteen. And that was why my hubby said eating here reminded him of home!

After much wait, our kolo mee was here. It was alright but not to my liking. A bit sweet and noodle is soft.  

And to our surprise, while we were eating, the aunt came over to our table and gave us this complimentary plate of lemang! Warm and just cooked!

Oh gosh! Thanks to the kind aunt. Bless her and family. She said they were for the kids but since they each having her kolo mee, it was the adults who helped themselves to the lemang. Very soft and not so much coconut in it. Just like how I want it to be!

After our lunch, we continued our journey, which takes another hour to reach the resort.


Anonymous said...

I know many places in Kuching are closed for the Gawai - all their employees are Ibans and the rest, all gone back to celebrate Gawai. Not a good time to go to Kuching.

Merryn said...

That is so nice of the aunty to give complimentary lemang to the kids. Ethan doesn't eat hard boiled egg yolks too. If fried will be okay :)

mun said...

I second what Merryn says, so nice of the lady to give the lemang for your children to eat.

Nancy Chan said...

How nice to receive the complimentary lemang from the kind auntie. I like lemang.

Princess Ribbon said...

Same here, Kz doesn't eat egg yolk if it's hard boiled.. Would only eat it if I fry it or crack into soup..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nice of the aunt...