Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gratifying our sweet tooth

Brought the car over here to wash and vacuum after the Borneo Highlands trip.

So while waiting, we ordered something to bite since it was still early for lunch and their lunch only started at 11am, which was more than 30 minutes away. So I ordered something sweet and delicious for 4 of us. Something that we seldom indulge in.

I got 1 free drink since I went for the wash and vacuum. I opted for iced lime juice.

And our sweet tooth of the day! Cheese cakes! So tempting when they came on wooden serving boards.

This is Oreo cheese cake. Sweet and light, as it melt in your mouth. Can taste and bite the chunky Oreo chocolate crumbs in the cheese cake. Topped with some chocolate syrup and Oreo as the base, this is what Oreo lovers would love.

Jan ate most of this Oreo cheese cake

But I think I love this snow white cake more. Super light yet creamy and cheesy.  I wonder how much calories I gained from eating this?

Jay and I liked this snow white cake

We were full just having this 2 cakes and I did skipped my lunch that day. ^^ I do not normally into cakes but some days I would not mind to satisfy my sweet tooth especially with cheese cakes!

And how much I spent within that 30 minutes wait! ^^


Anonymous said...

Hahhhh!!!! Cafe Cafe again!!! You are a loyal supporter of Sibu people hor! Muahahahaha!!!! Hey! Noodle House is coming out with macarons - coming soon!

Azura Chan said...

Once in a while satisfying the sweet tooth is okay.. hehe. The cakes does looks tempting!

mun said...

The cakes must be tasty from your description.

Princess Ribbon said...

Ahh, cheesecakes, I like it too.. Usually will buy from SR, my favourite would be the Boston cheesecake or the baked banana cheesecake.. All types of cheesecakes are nice la, haha..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Me also have sweet tooth, hehe...

Emily Tang said...

I have sweet tooth as well ^^
looks so delectable

Agnes said...

I love cheesecake..but they are always expensive..