Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hot & Cold

Temperature has been soaring lately here. The sun comes out very early in the morning but we have occasional rain in the evening. It helps a bit to cool down the temperature. But in the morning, I would prefer to stay indoor and if gone out for breakfast or lunch, I will opt for air-con place.

Last Saturday the sun was very warm and bright as early as 8am. We went to Dong Guan coffee shop for a warm and steaming hot dim sum. 

These was what we have on our table.

This basket is my favourite!! Steamed siu mai with quail egg! Simply heavenly. The pork was well seasoned and moist, and it went well with the bland taste of quail egg.

Quail eggs contain good cholesterol so don't worry. Enjoy it all you can. :)

This cai kueh was something else.  The salted vegetable mustard with thin dumpling skin. Very appetizing.

And to make me more sweating, I finished up this bowl of Sarawak laksa. RM5.00 for a normal bowl. Not bad but I could find a tastier and better laksa somewhere else.

After our breakfast, we went for a spin around town. Run a bit of errands here and there. And before we went home, we stopped by here to tapau something.

This little hawker stall centre which is next to Jubilee Hall in Jalan Padungan/Lumba Kuda is where you can find nice belacan bihun, jiu hu eng chai, and sweet and refreshing dessert.

While waiting for our tapau, I were admiring the sight of our MBKS building (municipal building) from afar.

And here was our tapau. Ais kacang. Ang tau cincau peng.

A big pack of ang tau peng costs us RM6.00. Fit for 4 persons. However by the time we reached home, all the shaved ice melt.

Nevertheless it tasted nice and sweet with coconut milk and palm syrup. And I love the ang tau (red beans) and cincau (grass jelly) in the coconut milk. Great and refreshing dessert after an excruciating day!!


Princess Ribbon said...

Dim sum & tau peng! Slurrppss.. The weather is really hot too now, especially at night.. I wish I can have that tau peng now..

Linda said...

Here in Montreal, Canada, it is also hot, Rose...thankfully, though, it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow, which is better for me. I cannot take it when it is too hot and humid. Hugs to you. :)

Anonymous said...

I know that belacan bihun place! Ya, went for dim sum too last Sunday - will be a while before you will see my post on that - lots of things in line.

Azura Chan said...

Your place got rain? So lucky. Perhaps my place situated near to Samarahan, we have not see rain for few days. 😔 I love the rojak from that place.

reana claire said...

Love all the food you have here, Rose!!

Sharon D said...

Very humid over at our corner too although we're not having sunny days -_- ....I am salivating over the crushed ice drink ... *slurppp*

Small Kucing said...

All ngum me the curry noodles

mun said...

Nice makan day. I like to eat dim sum and abc too.