Tuesday, June 2, 2015

♡A mini family get-away ♡

We came back from a mini family get-away. Up in the highlands!

We have this Borneo Highlands staycation planned more than a month in advance. Luckily we were able to secure the family suite, which fitted us nicely.

And my sis also tagged along. She has never been there so it was fun having her around to explore a new place with us. And she was officially appointed as the children's babysitter while hubby and I went paktor and relaxing in their spa. We went for its Bidayuh traditional  massage. ^^

It was a relaxing staycation with different view and interesting green elements. I enjoyed the fresh air and cooling weather on the highlands. Good for hubby as he needed some time to unwind from his stressful job while the children can get close to the nature and learn more. No one complain of heat and sweat so I believe everyone had a great time on the highlands. Better than watching tv, play games and stay idle at home over this long holiday.

I am going to break my Borneo Highlands holiday into few mini posts as there are simply so many photos to share with you.

For time being, let enjoy the view en route.

Misty hill after the rain

Passing through one of the kampungs

Many "snake" roads so got to be caution

It was raining heavily on Sunday and road was rather slippery so we drove slowly to the resort. Took us over 2 hours but luckily the rain had stopped when we nearly at the foothill of the resort.

Spotted the big arch of the resort on the foothill

We actually missed the entrance once but we managed to find a place to U-turn. It was rather hard to U-turn in those small roads.

After registered ourselves to the guard house, off we went on our own car to drive all the way up to the resort. About 20 to 30 minutes ride. They actually have shuttle to pick you from the foothill if you are concern about driving up or unskilled driving in such condition.

We were greeted by the beautiful green lush on the way. And yours truly bracing the slippery and wet grass to pose in front of the big landscape.

Officiated by former PM 5 years ago

One of the many holiday homes

Big rock

We were glad that we reached our resort safely and it was not so cold as the afternoon sun was very warm around 2pm. So we checked into our cozy family suite till it was slightly cooler before proceed with our adventure.

Someone is enjoying his sleep so much in the suite that we nearly ended up holidaying in the suite than going out for some sight-seeing! Lol.

Stay tune!!


  1. Love this place.So serene and good for rejuvenating. Happy holidays, Rose.

  2. Oh looks gorgeous! Enjoy your stay, Rose. Look forward to hearing more

  3. waiting for more posts on your vacation at the Borneo Highland.

  4. Love this place, reminds me of Cameron Highlands.. I wish I can have the vacation too...

  5. I love going up to the mountains to stay, but I've not heard of Borneo Highlands tho. Love the cool temperature! xoxo

  6. How nice to be living 2 hours away from this lovely highland resort. Can go there more often.

  7. Lovely pictures here. So nice to have a 'babysitter' together on this trip :P

  8. Its really a challenge to drive up to the highland from the winding and narrow road. ANyway the place looks really nice, as though as you are overseas! :)

  9. A lovely place for a short holidays. How nice to have a babysitter with you.

  10. Lovely place. Oh? Can drive up? They told me you leave the car at the foothills and they take you up. Heard food's all vegetarian, all organic there? Very healthy place. :D

  11. Lol...he must be tired out! A beautiful holiday, Rose. Am loving the scenery so much. Looking forward to reading more of this place. :D

  12. Lovely place, I love the greenery, reminds of Cameron highlands