Saturday, June 6, 2015

Over the mountain

Let's begin our Borneo Highlands tour.

Our 1st destination was this Kalimantan Border Look Out Point. Of course we did not walk up there as we have kids and car. So we drove there.

From the resort, it was just 2km to the look out point.

About 3 minutes drive up to the point and we saw this road sign.

And the entrance to the look out point.

So after parked our car, we started to walk through the path. Same time, we enjoyed the view and air. Not so warm and yet not so cooling as it was around 4pm in the afternoon.

About 1 minute walk and we saw the sign on our right. So we walked toward it.

Can you read the words??

Or this close-up shot is much better?

Yes, in front of us was the border line of Sarawak and Kalimantan. So our Indonesian neighbour was just over the beautiful mountain. How close are we?!

We spent a good 10 minutes there admiring the view and taking photos. 


Nancy Chan said...

That's a breath taking view from the look out point.

Blackswan said...

Been ages since I've been up on a mountain. Looks like I need another break again...... Happy Weekend, dear! xoxo

mun said...

Beautiful photos! Now I feel like going to a cool highland resort but then I dread the long drive up. :(

Anonymous said...

I loved the mountains, nice and cool, so quiet and peaceful...but now I'm not too sure. Seen too many not nice things on Facebook. When people do that, it makes one feel so depressed, so miserable.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Loves the views in the last pictures...