Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beyond vegan

Annah Rais Cafe in Borneo Highlands Resort. We have our buffet dinner and complimentary breakfast buffet. 

Love the wooden structure and high ceiling. Not so hot in the cafe as it is not totally enclose so we could feel the cooling air in the evening and morning while dining there.

The tables and chairs are all made from woods, so they are rather heavy to move!

Annah Rais is a vegetarian cafe and I think it is one of its kind and a very unique cafe in a resort that serve all vegetarian buffet. They actually promoted their buffet as organic meatless cuisine in their website. 

There is a Buddhist temple here but we did not visit it. We could heard the chanting in the air while we were having a tour around.

For dinner on Sunday, I tried its tom yum soup and oh boy! I like it! Never knew how a spicy and sour soup could be so appetizing and comforting on a cold evening but I had 2 bowls of this vegetable tom yum soup.

And on my plate, I had some stir fried tofu, crispy vegetarian butter prawns, curried pumpkin, and green vegetable.

Only had a plate as I could not have too much as after dinner, I went for Peso Perong therapy (a 60-minutes Bidayuh body massage). They had promotion now, at RM95 nett! Normal day the body massage is RM190++.

And while we were having our dinner, we enjoyed the sunset view from our table. Very enchanting to watch with mountains and trees around us.

I slept very well after the massage. And everyone woke up slightly after 7am. My kids never late sleepers so you would expect them to make noise and jumping in the bed to wake me up.

So we went for the breakfast buffet around 8am since we would like to have a morning walk before packing and check out. 

I like the flower that they picked for their table centrepiece. The resort actually have their own horticulture nursery so they plant, use and sell their plants. Unfortunately the nursery was not open so we did not get a chance to visit and buy some plants home. Maybe most workers are on Gawai holiday.

I must have a mug of warm teh in the morning. Really need to have one over here as it was rather cold in the morning. I were happy to see them serve in a mug so we could refill all we want. ^^

For breakfast, I had fried noodle..

And some toasts and porridge. Added peanuts, salted egg, salted mustard and yue tiaw, and a drizzle of sweet soy sauce to my porridge.

They have nasi lemak which I did not take. And some frozen pastry where you need to heat up yourself in the oven. All self-service here.

Hubby was initially worried about breakfast as for him, he must have his fried egg. He was worried whether they serve egg or not here but count his lucky star! They have fried eggs!

I shared this omelette with my girl.

Simple and nice buffet. I actually enjoyed the food but not hubby who cannot go without meat. Isn't he glad that we only stayed for a night there!! Lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh? They have egg! I did hear they serve vegetarian there, all organic...very healthy and that's one reason why I am never keen to check it out. LOL!!!

Princess Ribbon said...

Tomyam soup certainly looks very hoiwai.. Nice buffet, as long as they have my favourite scrambled eggs and mee goreng..

Shirley Tay said...

Oh gosh, you're teasing me with your massage. My body's aching now....

Ez Vina said...

So you finally have a trip up there. Glad you enjoy the trip. It is a beautiful place, hope someday I can bring my children there too.

Nancy Chan said...

It seems a very nice place for a short holiday. I wouldn't mind the meatless meal but not for long. That was a nice holiday for you and family.

mun said...

Some places consider eggs vegetarian too because lives are not taken to produce eggs. The food looks good.

ChrisAu said... healthy! Turn vegan and have all vegetarian food under a beautiful sunset at the highlands! How nice!

Libby said...

Yummy and healthy food, I love eggs too, be it sunny side up or omelette, I would love to have massage one of these days too!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Quite sometimes didn't eat buffet liao, age catching up, can't eat much...