Thursday, June 25, 2015

Delectable dessert

It has been very warm this month and everyone has fallen sick at one point of time. Horrible time when the youngest one fell sick as he was the tough and stubborn boy. Hard feeding him medicine and fluid. Glad that everyone has recovered now.

Few days ago, I made this delicious dessert for the family. Something that I missed having during my childhood. Green mung with sweet potatoes soup!

A bowl of chilling and sweet soup on a warm day. Tempting right?

I were supposed to use the orange sweet potatoes but could not find any so I resorted to use the purple sweet potatoes. It made the soup turned dark but it still taste good.

150g mung beans, soaked and rinsed few times
200g sweet potatoes, clean, peel and cubed
3 tablespoons (50g) sago
1.5L water
1 knotted pandan leaf
Brown sugar to taste (or sub with rock sugar)

1. Add  mung beans in a pot of water. Bring it to boil before lower the heat and add in the sweet potatoes.
2. Simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes till the mung beans soften and cracked. 
3. Soak sago for a while before add into pot together with the pandan leaf.
4. Once sago has turned transparent, add in brown sugar to taste.  Let it cool down before serve.


Small Kucing said...

So far have not tried it in this way.Usually just red bean soup or the pulut hitam soup

mun said...

Mung bean and sweet potatoes both I like but have never eaten this combination. My mother usually boils the mung bean sweet soup with thick seaweed. Supposed to be very cooling.

Libby said...

Very hot in SG too, even the shower water is hot!

Linda said...

It is getting hot here in Montreal, too! I have been drinking a lot of water and trying to stay cool. Lovely post, Rose, thanks so much for sharing.

Princess Ribbon said...

I've never tried green beans with sweet potatoes.. Maybe one day can try, looks delicious..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The weather here is so hot too...

Yee Ling said...

I love red bean soup but I don't like mung bean soup..Not quite like the taste though. have lots of sago in it. Nice!

wenn said...

sounds great..i will try it one day..

Merryn said...

I love sweet desserts. My kids prefer the red bean soup. Only me will eat the mung bean dessert so I gave up cooking this :(

Emily Tang said...

looks yummy
i like sweet dessert too
especially red bean soup cooked with Black glutinous rice