Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our lazy brekkie

We came back here for our lazy breakfast last Friday. 

I think this food court has become our current favourite breakfast spot as we like the food & drinks; and services here as well as it is just within 5 minutes drive from our place. We came here around 9am that morning and the place were not that crowded.

Jay wanted something light instead of his usual kolo mee so I ordered this Western set for him.

RM6.00 Western set

Jan has been craving for roti telur from the stall here for a week. She simply love the crispy and tasty roti telur here.

RM2.00 roti telur *recycled picture*

This round I tried another fried dish from the fried special stall. Tried its tomato kuaw tiaw and fried noodle before so this time, I had fried mee hoon with cangkuk manis.

RM4.00 Mani chai fried mee hoon

It was well fried and dry yet the mee hoon was not too tough or cause you choke (if you get what I am trying to describe, lol). With sufficient pounded dried prawns (har bee) and fried eggs, this mee hoon was tasty and did not need any soy sauce dipping at all. ^^


For lunch, I bought this lo mix rice from the curry rice stall. I ate its curry mix rice before and I love its curry gravy as well as the roasted pork. The lo mix rice was as impressive as its curry mix rice in term of portion.  Taste-wise, the braised gravy was nice, sweet and thick but I personally prefer the curry mix rice more.  If only they give me their spicy chilli dip to go with my lo mix rice, it would be perfect!

Still, it was a delightful lunch for me.


Princess Ribbon said...

I like the western breakfast set and the roti telur.. Love having roti planta+telur with fish curry for breakfast, yummss..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I like the western set...

suituapui said...

If the bihun is tough, they did not soak long enough or the water they use was not hot enough. I also do not like it like that - so hard to chew...and after eating, I would feel like I am having difficulty digesting. But if soaked till soft, must not fry too much in hot wok, will pecah pecah - must be fast, big fire! I don't mind pecah pecah though - can eat with spoon - no need to take out chopsticks or fork. :D :D :D

Merryn said...

I don't fancy bihun for the exact fear of getting hard strands then I'll get indigestion just like glass noodles :(

But I like roti telor :D

mun said...

i like roti telur and I like to try your bihun - looks good.

ChrisAu said...

oooh.... somehow I love all the food here ... the roti telur, nasi lemak, fried mee hoon and to me , with a cup of kopi gao ... that makes my brekkie!

reana claire said...

Yes, I love the delightful food too!! Missing them in a way... :)