Saturday, June 20, 2015

Here again

Ramadhan month is here again.  Happy berpuasa to all my Muslim friends and readers.

It just feel like yesterday when I went to the Ramadhan food bazaar and followed hubby to a Hari Raya visiting in Sibu.

But it has been quite a while since I visited a Ramadhan bazaar in Kuching. I think the last time was in 2012 when I went to the one in MBKS Padungan with my sis.

So when fasting started on Thursday, I took the opportunity to visit the bazaar in Stutong. I found out that there is no more bazaar in MBKS.

The weather was good and my kids were eager for a walk and excitement, so together with my partner-in-crime (my sis), we had a 20-minutes walk in Ramadhan Bazaar on Thursday evening.

Situated next to Stutong market


Murtabak stall

Fried snack stall

Have one of these potato sticks (RM1.50 each) but could not detect cheese on them

Kebab is almost finished

Ordered a bowl of sup tulang from this stall

Yummy sup tulang (RM5.00)

Keropok lekor - sis finished up her RM2.00 pack by herself while walking

Assortment of dishes

There was even a stall selling Western food


Eimear Anne said...

That food looks so good! I hope i can visit Malaysia one day!

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Azura Chan said...

I haven't got a chance to visit Ramadhan Baazar yet. Still packed and traffic jam everywhere. hehe. I used to love the Potato Twist with cheese powder at Stutong Baazar. There is one guy who started it first in Sarawak, his potato twists are awesome. Had to line up for the order.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gone!!! So so so hot and they say the one at Bandong is so so so the one at the town square is a little smaller this year - split into two - one at the usual place...and some stalls along the road, Wisma Sanyan side, facing McD.

Emily Tang said...

I have not visit any Ramadhan bazaar this year
I used to like to take a walk to buy some food there
but then last year I heard lots stories of the hygienic issue of the food from bazaar
and one of my friends got food poisoning
it made me to stick at home food all the time now

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I went to one that is nearer to my place in Jurong West... Have not go to Geylang Serai yet...

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I've not been to a ramadhan bazaar this year. But i know the one in stutong is superb.

Style For Mankind said...

Love this! Hope you have an awesome new week.

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ChrisAu said...

Wow.. So much food there. I do enjoyed checking out the Ramadan bazzar during my university days. Nowadays seldom go to these bazaars.

Princess Ribbon said...

Bazaar, yay !! I also like.. So many varieties..

ahlost said...

Initially i wanted to go MBKS when I read you wrote bout it but luckily I read finish ler.. no more at MBKS and I didn't even know. Huhuhu.. Stutong market a bit hard to find parking though. Huhuhu..

I miss the food there and I'm feeling hungry at this hour ler.. 12.08am T_T

mun said...

Lots of food at the bazaar in the evening just like in your photos.