Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Golf resort and woody touch

Back to nature, back to basics

Borneo Highlands Resort. A truly get-away haven from busy city life. Totally no TV, no WiFi and telephone in the room. Some more my service provider's reception was poor here.

Fortunately no one complained of missing their favourite cartoon or games etc. And me not been going online as much as I want. But I have to say, I do not mind and it was a relaxing staycation.
The resort

To the resort


The only place we can use the wifi and watch tv is in the lobby. And even you need to walk to reception counter to request for amenities.


The resort is a golf resort so everywhere you see is some sports name, golf themed and decor-inspired by the sports.

Familiar faces

We were staying in Gold floor

Playing golf, anyone?

The shuttle

We love the cozy ambience of our family suite. Don't you think this King-sized bed looks like something from the colonial time??

Hubby has been sleeping since we reached there. It was understandable as it was a tiring drive. He slept the most among us!! Slept better than a baby! Lol. Must be the cooling fresh air.

The family suite is for 4 adults so it was just nice for us.  Most furniture is made from hard teak.

And it is still not too late to greet my blogger friends and readers "Selamat Hari Gawai" and "Happy Holiday"!


Linda said...

Love this series of photos, Rose. :)

Sharon D said...

What a lovely vacation out of town. The room looks so heavenly to sleep in and I love that the place is all about relaxation, Rose! ^.^

Agnes said...

The family suite is spacious, wonder how much per night? Any breakfast included? A round of golf would be refreshing in the highland.

Azura Chan said...

What a lovely place. You're so lucky to have a getaway at that place. Very peaceful and cozy.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

See that the place is quite relaxing...

Princess Ribbon said...

Very spacious room, I like..I would just love to sleep and relax and do nothing else there..

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely place, love the room. Four bottles of drinking water? That's very generous - other hotels, you get 2 at the most. Peace and quiet and open air, so relaxing...that's my kind of holiday!

Rose said...

Family suite is for 4 persons. That is why 4 bottles. We have 1 king sized bed and 2 single beds.

Nancy Chan said...

Oooo, that's a very nice place for vacation! I love this place!

mun said...

What a beautiful and serene resort!

Libby said...

How nice if I can sleep whole day in such a room