Monday, June 10, 2013

Saying "I do"....9 years ago

Last year in June, marked our 8th year wedding anniversary.  We have survived the first cycle of 7th year marriage itch.  Today is our 9th year together as husband and wife.   

10 June 2004

We are officially signed our names on the Marriage Certificate in the Marriage Registrar office.  We did not choose the date but it coincide with my SIL' birthday. 

We had 2 close friends to be our witnesses and another as our photographer of the ceremony.  We said our vows, exchanged rings and signed our papers in front of the ceremony officer on this date.
After that I was busy calling and getting quotations for the wedding venue, wedding decorations and wedding album packages.  Also planning for the events and guest list for the reception.  Stress me although I have one year to plan.

December 2004

We took our wedding photographs in Pearl Studio.  We spent almost the whole day having my makeup and change into different gowns.  For outdoor photos, we went to Pos Office, Court House, the road going to Kasuma Condominium and Pasir Pandak beach.  We were too tired that day and we ate our take-away McD's burgers at home.

We also confirmed the following:

Venue & caterer : Riverside Hotel Grand Ball.
Flower Decoration: Lavender
Wedding cards: My friend, Winnie

January 2005

I had Winnie to design the wedding invitation card and it was ready in few weeks time.  Printed by Lee Ming Press and in time for distribution during CNY.

February 2005

We scouted for our bedroom furniture and after much comparison we purchased ours from LSH.  Bad choice but we learnt from our mistakes.  However I love its wooden drawer which I brought over to my new house.  Used to be my drawer but now it belongs to hubby.

Mar - June 2005

Busy buying stuff for the wedding day. Some stuff like the tea set for the tea ceremony, red clothing, red basket and umbrella I still kept.   I like this cute pair of cock and hen the most.

My dad even took few days of refurbish the living and kitchen tiles for my wedding.  He wanted the house to look nicer.  *wink*
25 June 2005

Our wedding day and dinner reception
My bouquet of roses

Make up and hair dressing around 6am

Ready me!

The groom and entourage arrived around 8am but before they can get the bride, they need to do some exercises!  Our poor Best Man did all those hard works instead!

In the newlywed's room

Little Graeme who has the honour to lie and roll on the newlywed's bed

Tea ceremony is a must in every Chinese wedding.  Over here, we served to my parents

Posed with our wedding car
My "chi mui"

The main actor and actress for the night in the main table

Cutting cake ceremony
A kiss for the bride

Change into my night gown

26 tables with my side taking 10 tables!

One of the highlights was our wedding dance.  Hard to dance in my wedding gown to the "Sway" song by Michael Buble.

27 June 2005

We were off to our honeymoon i.e sunbathing and snorkelling in Redang Island and shopping in KL.

10 June 2013

And now back to 2013 as of today.  We have been together for 9 years.  Wow!  What a journey?  We have grown older and wiser (I hope).  We are blessed with 2 lovely children and soon a new member will be added into the family in September.   Any celebration you may ask?  Nothing big, just a family dinner.  But one thing for sure, it is always good to spend our special days (such as anniversaries) together as a family.  :)

May the love we share grow stronger and deeper with each passing year!


Small Kucing said...

Happy Anniversary Rose.

A rose is still a rose ...even after 9 years. As beautiful as ever.

Love your gowns. Simple and sweet.

ahem year is the 10th year...going to snap commemorative 10th anniversary photos ? would be fun

wenn said...

wow, that's lovely! It's the joy of a lifetime! Happy Anniversary!

Hayley said...

First time seeing you post so many photos of yourself, hehe.

Happy anniversary!

Broccoli Ginger said...

happy anniversary! :) you become prettier n preetier! :)

mun said...

Happy 9th year wedding anniversary! Nice walk down memory lane with all those photos.

Sharon said...

Happy anniversary, Rose. Lovely photos :)

Libby said...

You are a pretty bride Rose, by the way your hubby got the "tow kay" face, very 福相。Happy anniversary.

suituapui said...

Happy Anniversary. It sure was a lovely wedding!

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful...didn't change much after all these years. :)