Friday, June 21, 2013

"Money Leaks" Month

This month we bought a lot of stuff, and coupled with big expenses and bills, we are definitely burning a big hole in our pockets.  More of hubby's pockets than mine!  *wink*  
#1 Baby list
The list is getting longer, but we got the necessary stuff to be packed to Sibu.  My SIL advised us to buy most baby things in Kuching because those things are rather pricey in Sibu.  As you know that baby things are not that cheap, so we bought the baby cot, strollers, feeding bottles and accessories here.
#2 Assessment
Already settle the 2nd half year's house assessment bill.  Very happy that there is a council office in MJC, so it is convenient and fast to pay the bills since not many people know this place.
#3 House bills
Settled around RM1700.00 for the house in term of the yearly service charges, insurance premium and quit rents.
#4 Telekom
Banked in some advance money in the account, so it will auto-deduct around RM60.00 every month till the next time I am back.
#5 Water bill
Pay RM50 advance to my resident's office so it will auto-deduct RM5.00 for the months where minimum pays are charged.  Enough to cover till I am back in November so water supply will not be cut off. 
#6 Travel expense
Paid RM280 for our air flight to Sibu.  Luckily I got a cheap fare for myself and my 2 kids.  And I also booked our air flight back here in November. 
#7 Others
My credit cards and other miscellaneous which is over RM1500.00.  *sob sob*
Sigh!!!  And I realised there is one more week left in the month of June.  And it means one more week before we are leaving Kuching.....


Ez Vina said...

Why do you need new stuffs for your baby, like strollers? Don't you already have it from the older kids?

Rose said...

stroller is spoiled. cot given to my bil. other big stuff we still keep.

suituapui said...

Moving over in July? Welcome! Welcome!

Small Kucing said...

sigh...each time moving sure needs a lot of $$

Hayley said...

Sometimes some things are worth buying, so don't worry so much about spending the money~

wenn said...

Where are you leaving to?

Rose said...

To Sibu. Hubby is transferring to the branch there for at least 2 years.

Sharon said...

Bon voyage, Rose ^.^