Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not from B&W era

My eldest has a school holiday homework to be submitted when school reopens on Monday.  It is about finding some old pictures of parents and pasting on the workbook.  It mentioned about black and white photographs but I do not have them.  I am a '70s girl and that time, we already had colour film rolls.  So I looked through my old photo albums since hubby does not have his as all are kept in his hometown.
After looking through the album, I decided to loan my girl these 2 photos of mine.  I am choked with nostalgia, sharing my photos with my kid.  *wink* 
A 6 months 10 days old me.  If you noticed, the photo frames at the back belong to my mum.  All her pictures.

About 2 years old in Santubong beach


Libby said...

Your face didn't change much from then compared to now. Still can see traces of you :)

mun said...

Aiyo, you are so cute lah when you are young.

wenn said...

so cute and it's great to cherish those memories..

angeline ong said...

Hahaha, you are so cute Rose. I should dig some of my old photos for my son to see.