Monday, June 24, 2013

Missing you, my friends

If you are my FB buddies, you would know that I have been eating non-stop for the past days.  That is why my tummy suddenly grown bigger.  Everyone commenting that my tummy is bigger compared to a month ago.  Oh yeah!  Going to post my tummy picture another day for you to judge. Lol!

It has been an eventful weekend for me because I were busy meeting up my friends since Friday afternoon.  Everyone knows that we are leaving for Sibu soon, so a quick meet up because I would not been seeing them so soon.   Although I am still recovering from cough, it does not stop me from going out under the warm hazy weather to meet my friends.  But of course I have to take care of what I eat and drink more fluid.
1. Friday
Meet up with the ever lovely KC in Pan Tree Food Court, Green Heights Mall for lunch.  I have known KC since college time; on the very 1st day in college.  We were so "green" that time but we been through a lot of great times together especially when we went to study our final years in Nilai College. 

Great lunch in the nice air-con food court.  I like its Sarawak Laksa and Malay economy rice stalls there. But that afternoon I tried the Ginseng Chicken soup with rice (RM6.00).  Slightly expensive and I get 1 big drumstick in a bowl of warm soup.  Cannot complain much since it is in an air-con food court. 

2. Saturday
Brunch with my friends from the college, who are also hubby's good friends through me.  *wink*  We have an enjoyable brunch in Sing Garden, regardless of the warm weather. 

In the evening, we had a bbq dinner at the pool side in our resident clubhouse, which was fully organised and sponsored by my ex-staff. She prepared all the food and cooking.  So touching!!  And the kids get to play in the pool too.  Which is good, because after all the splashing and kicking in the water, they can eat almost everything!!

3. Sunday
Lunch with my ex-colleagues (SC, NW, HL) from my very first company in Yew Fook café, Bormill Estate.  Again, air-con cafe because special request of 2 preggies.  Lol!  The temperature is soaring especially in the afternoon and we could not help but go to air-con place to avoid the heat.

So wonderful to meet up with SC and her 13yo daughter who flew from Singapore.  It has been 13 years since we work together and known each other.

Sigh!  I am already starting to miss them.
Gosh!  Need to get myself together now.  I have been procrastinating my packing last wekk because I were not up to it.  But at least I have started to pack some kids' clothes in the luggage bag.  Hubby is going to leave for Sibu soon, so I better get our clothes ready and packed by this Wednesday!


suituapui said...

The Swan City of kampua & kompia welcomes you. Bye-bye, traffic jams, freak storms and flash floods... LOL!!!

Small Kucing said...

Now its time for you to eat.

mun said...

So nice of your friends to make time to meet up with you before you leave for Sibu.