Monday, June 17, 2013

Nice but tiring weekend

I am glad that Monday is here.  Because usually on weekend, I would not be able to rest with my 2 kids around the house.  If anyone came to my house on weekend, no one would expect a clean and tiring living room because it will be scattered with their toys and papers.  And I never bother to clear their stuff because after 1 minute you are done, something will come out from the toy baskets. 
But on certain (but rare) occasions, the kids will be happy to keep things clean some day.  Especially when we bribed them by bringing them shopping or swimming, which are their favourite past time during the weekends. 
Hubby bought new swim jackets for the kids during the Gawai holiday and we have yet to try them out till last Saturday evening.  I think the size is European because both jackets are slightly bigger for my kids but with some modification, we managed to fit both kids into the swim jackets.  They do look funny in the jacket because of the air pads on front and back, which my kids commented that they look like turtles in them!  Lol!  But with those jackets, they can learn to swim more as hands are now free from holding any rubber rings etc.  *wink*  See if I remember to bring my camera to the swimming pool and take picture of them in the jacket this weekend when they go for their evening swim.

Yesterday was Father's Day and I know by looking at the FB, everyone is treating their fathers to special lunches and dinners.  Most places are fully booked way in advance.  Luckily we managed to get a nice table last night.  We had our Father's Day dinner last night together with my side of the family.  We celebrated our Father's Day in buffet style in Ristorante Beccari, Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites.  I been there once, which was during a NZ Special Dinner.  I was invited by my ex-boss who was a NZ college alumni. 
My dad loves buffet, so my brother came up with the idea of having the Father's Day dinner in Ristorante Beccari as they serve nice Italian food.  With RM55++ for adult and half price for children above 5 yo, my brother managed to book a table for 9 of us.  It was packed last night.  We started our buffet dinner around 6.30pm. 
Sorry, no food pictures this time because I could not take pictures with many people queue and crowding the food area and my kids bugging me with their terrible table manners.  So it is always good not to bring younger kids to a 5-star hotel restaurant unless you do not mind to bring some attention to your table.  *wink*
Ristorante Beccari serves yummy Italian thin crust pizza (from spicy to savoury pizza), good pasta (where the chef cook on the spot where you can order from 3 sauces choice) and nice salad.  They have nice smoked beef and lamb shank last night where I ate a lot.   If you are into cookies and cakes, they have many pastry to choose from, but me having no sweet tooth, did not touch any of them.  They are just too nice to see, but I bet they are too sweet for my teeth.
I were too full from the dinner that I could not sleep last night.  Only managed to fall asleep after 12, and this morning need to wake up early to fry sausages for my girl's Teacher's Day celebration in school today.  My first time cooking food for the Teacher's Day, as in the past, I always bought pastry for the celebration.  Since my girl told the teacher that she will bring sausages, so I have to cook for the party. 
I am sure she has a great time in school today with food, games and fun.  Alright, need to log off for now as she is off at 11.00am.  Luckily the school is just a minute drive from home, so no need to rush like crazy picking her up!  Till my next post, have a great week, everyone!! 


Small Kucing said... hols is the best for kids. Yeah nice to have school so near to home.

you have a nice week too

Coffee Girl said...

But then they're kids, they're naturally everything. ;p

Have a great week too!

Hayley said...

I too had a tiring weekend...

Anyway, have a good rest ya~

mun said...

Sounds like all of you had a great father's day celebration. Very good!