Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brown rice tea?

A friend gave me this tin of brown rice tea last year.  50 tea sachet per tin.  Half year has gone and I did not even finish half of the content. 
I don't like brown rice taste and smell.  Tried taking it few years ago with wheat germ and protein for dietary reason, but after many months I quit the diet and never touch brown rice since then.  Fyi, I did lose some weights but because it was hard to buy wheat germ powder, I did not continue the diet.
Brown rice is rich in fibre.   Those with constipation problem can try drinking this brown rice tea.  I don't take this brown rice tea very often.  Maybe once a week or when ever I remember to drink it.  *wink*  

And what surprised me is that in its instruction on the tin, it mentioned that brown rice can be taken during confinement.  Hmm, maybe because of its high fibre and heaty properties??  I don't know about you, every time I take brown rice, I feel heaty and keep drinking water. 

I seldom take it nowadays.  Not on such hot weather......


wenn said...

it's definitely good as it's full of fibre..

suituapui said...

No, thanks. I'd stick to my kopi-o! :P

mun said...

I'll stick to eating brown rice instead of white rice. More fiber that way instead of drinking brown rice tea.