Saturday, June 29, 2013

New place, new adventure

We are flying off to Sibu tomorrow to meet up with hubby who has gone by road this morning. Our clothes, basic stuff and kids stuff have been packed into hubby's Hilux so me and kids will be flying off leisurely tomorrow. 
However we will be bringing in some sio pau over for hubby's grandparents and sister tomorrow.  I bought 30 pieces of sio pau from Hong Kong Puff Co in Foochow Road this morning.  When me and kids were there around 9.30am, the sio pau were just ready and freshly baked from the oven.  RM0.50 each.  I like its crispy crusts and sweet fillings.
We bought most baby stuff in Kuching because my SIL advised us to buy baby stuff in Kuching because the stuff there is more expensive.   So we have baby cot, and baby swing all the way from Kuching.  Lol!

It would be around 5 months when we would be returning to Kuching for a holiday.  I know I am going to miss Kuching, especially my parents and my home.  We only moved in end of September last year and now just 9 months, we have to move away.  *sigh*   

On high note everyone is excited about settling down in Sibu for at least 2 years.  So a new adventure for all of us.  I guess we will adapt to the environment in no time.
*recycled photo*
"Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things" ~Frank A. Clark
I like the above quote.  It stopped me for a moment.  I am thinking back of what we have accomplished so far and how we have come to this decision.  Well, it makes me believe that little things we do are actually the bigger (and easier to accomplish) achievements and when those little things accumulated to something big, what we gain in the end is going to be sweet.
Whatever it is, we are looking to life's little things in Sibu.  So, to a better future in Sibu!!! 
Sibu, here we come!!!  And hope to catch up with some Sibu bloggers while I am there!!  *wink*


Sharon said...

Safe journey, Rose :)

Hayley said...

Oh so this is what you are talking about!

Have a safe and fun trip!

mun said...

Have a safe flight!

suituapui said...

Welcome to Sibu!!!

Small Kucing said...

am sure STP will be a good guide

Libby said...

Have a safe journey Rose, by the way I accidentally deleted your comment in my blog post "I love these scents", is it possible for you to comment again in my blog, I treasure each and every of your comments, sorry about it and hope you can comment again, thanks.

Ez Vina said...

Enjoy your days in Sibu.

Bel Wong said...

Hi Rose,

I stumbled on your blog the other day. May I know the full address of the Hong Kong Puff Co in Foochow Road please? I would like to try the siew pao.

Thanks and Regards,

Rose said...

Hi Bel. I don't have the address but you would not miss it when you come down along Foochow Road from Jalan Tun Razak. The shop block is facing the traffic light on your right hand side.

But if you use Jalan Sekama from Simpang Tiga, you drive along Jalan Sekama till traffic light to Jln Foochow junction. You turn right to Foochow road and the shop is on your left.

Rose said...
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Bel Wong said...

Hey Rose,

Thanks for your help. I found the siew pao in foochow road. There is another stall selling siew pao at a newly opened kopitiam at Hui Sing. Taste good too. :)