Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going into 3rd trimester

I am entering my 28th week, so another 3 months before I am due.  I am on my last stretch of my pregnancy and I could not be more happy.  And I would be experiencing my 3rd trimester in Sibu! 
I am very pregnant now, because tummy is more visible than previous month.  Probably because I am eating more and appetite is better after 20th week.  Some more I am munching more at night before I gone to bed. 

In the same purple outfit.  From Week 24 to Week 28.  Any difference?? 

Baby is very active in my womb, practising his kicking and punching more frequent.  Sleeps at nights also do not come easy but luckily I am able to take my afternoon naps to compensate for the lost of my sleeps.

I went for my OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) early of the month in Gribbles Lab.  First time I underwent such test.  Need to fast for at least 8 hours, so me being the first customer in the lab I was given a very yukky glucose drink to be finished up after went for my first urine and blood sample test.  Really sweet and I almost puke after finished up a whole bottle.  The whole test took 2 hours and I need to give 3 rounds of urine and blood sample test before I can leave the lab.  And by the time I finished around 10.30am, I immediate went to have my chicken rice brunch.  Too hungry after fasting too long and did not have anything in my tummy.  *wink*

The report turned out good after collecting and consulting my doctor this morning.  So nothing to worry about developing any gestational diabetes.  Did not do in the previous 2 pregnancies.  Probably my previous gynae did not see the need of it.  However I am glad that I was given the chance to do it this round. At least I know how my body's response to glucose and chance of developing diabetes.

2nd trimester was great because I am more energetic and kept busy most of the times.  Funny thing is that I enjoy doing the housework especially cleaning.  Very weird because I feel like everything must be in order and clean.  Otherwise I start to cleaning till I am satisfy with the result.  Lol!

I am getting lazier as day goes by!  Hardly do much housework.  If I do, I will take my times so usually a 30 minutes work now take me more than an hour to get it done.  *wink*

I am more moody in this pregnancy.  Easily angered and irritated by small matters.  Sometimes I feel sorry for my hubby and kids because they have to take the blunt from me.  But I am glad that they understand my mood swings.  And I fall sick more too.  Took me a long time to recover from my sickness, mostly cough.  Hopefully my 3rd trimester is better on me.  

Guess what?  I found out that my confinement lady costs RM3300 for full day!  Wow!  The price has rocketing since 4 years ago.  Well, I guess she must be good to ask for such price.  Will only know after I delivered and use her service.....


Hayley said...

I know the OGTT, the glucose drinks are so hard to drink!! Too sweet already la!
I remember I went uneasy after the drinks >.<

mun said...

Can see a bit of difference between the two photos. Glad to know that your OGTT result is good.

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A boy