Friday, November 16, 2012

When the craving comes

My hubby enjoys food very much.  That what make him a big man.  Lol!  He eats almost everything yet he is very particular when it comes to food.  Must be too his liking and mood.  Sometimes it is hard to satisfy him. Certain food I enjoy, he does not like it. 

For instance, I craved for porridge for breakfast.  I missed those canned black bean fishes, prickled greens, fermented bean curd and salted egg.  Those simple condiments make a bowl of white porridge flavourish and super delicious.

When I told hubby that I wanted to cook white porridge, he told me he would only eat white porridge with century eggs, salted eggs and chay poh egg.  So to make him happy, I cooked all the 3 eggs for breakfast in the morning! 

Of course we did not finished up all the eggs.  Otherwise I think my hubby would have higher cholesterol reading after this.  Lol! 

My staff made and brought some wrapped glutinous rice for us to taste last night.  First time I saw this cute zhang.  Actually she meant to use the pandan leaves but she could not find them, so last minute she used pitcher plant as the wrappers.  Creative huh?

Taste the same like zhang because she insert a bit of pandan leaf on each wrapper.  Mini sized zhang so not too filling.  Just nice.  And I ate a lot too last night.  *wink*


Small Kucing said...

interesting "mini Zhang". Looks a bit like lemang. Is it use the leaf called "Hor Yip"?

Rose said...

Er, I am not sure what it is called in Chinese. In Malay it is called "Periuk Kera". You google Pitcher plant, then you know it. :)

Broccoli Ginger said...

Oh I didn't know pitcher plant can be used for cooking..:P Thought it's used to trap bugs..:P