Friday, November 30, 2012

Do you cam-whoring?

I have a confession to make here.  I think I have new addiction!  Cam-whoring.

It means "To take pictures of either you or/and with your friends execessively".  And sometimes I think I were over-doing it too.  Lol!

When I was younger. I loved to take photographs, either I were the subject or behind the lens.  After I have kids, my kids are my models.  I seldom take pictures of myself since then. 

And I think my addiction came back after I got my new Samsung Galaxy III few months ago. Cam-whoring is so much easier with Samsung Galaxy and I enjoyed taking photographs with it.  Some more my kids are not around lately, so I have no one to take pictures, ended up I take pictures of myself.  But don't fret.  I only take when I am in full clothing.  *wink*

Have a great weekend guys!  So look forward to the month of December.  December, the month of joy!


Anzerin said...

Now I see you Rose. Pretty and hot mummy.

Cam whoring, err sometimes I like it too either by myself or with my kids. But too hubby will complaint. Lol.

Hayley said...

Oh so this is you?


Yea, many people camwhore thesedays! Including me! ;)

wenn said...

my girl sometimes asks me to do it with her..

suituapui said...

No, I don't. Big, fat and old and ugly - not camera-worthy... Sobsss!!!!!

Ez Vina said...

Haha great confession.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I went through that habit years ago. But after I put on wrinkles, losing a bit of hair, got eye bags, my skin ain't smooth anymore, then I left.

But the habit doesn't do any harm.

p/s: Have a nice day.