Friday, November 2, 2012

Our breakfast: Homey burgers

Saw a pack of unopened chicken floss yesterday afternoon.  It was a gift from a client to hubby and we have not yet open and consume it.  Maybe can add to porridge or add to my vegetable dishes.  And then an idea suddenly came to my mind. 

Why not make a burger out of it??  My own version.  Bacons & Chicken Floss Burgers.

Super easy.  Ingredients are olive oil spread, bacon strips, lettuces, chicken floss and buns.

Just fry the bacon strips to your desire, but dont overcook it as they would be very hard to bite.  Cut the buns into halves and toast them for a while in frying pan (without oil).  Butter the buns with some olive oil spread, then add lettuces, bacon strips and spoonful of chicken floss.  As for hubby who cannot do without eggs in the morning, I add fried egg to his burger.

Bon appetit!


yvonne said...

It's a great idea to make floss burger :D

Simple, easy and delicious!

wenn said...

that's nice.

MeRy said...