Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Menu #38:Nearly burn and caught

I am getting forgetful.  Sometimes I can forget one thing while doing other chore.  For instance on Saturday evening, I was cooking chicken stew. Let it simmer on the stove and suppose to check it after 10 minutes, but I was busy in the living room and have forgotten about it. 

And when I did remember I almost burnt my dish!  The water dried up but fortunately it still can be saved.  So guys, presenting my nearly burnt chicken stew.  You can see the carrots and chicken pieces have black marks on them, but they still taste good when discard the burnt parts.  Lol!  My chicken with dried mushrooms and carrots stew.

And after dinner, while we were watching television, suddenly a mouse caught my eye.  From the tv cabinet running to the fridge.  Oh dear!  The little thing managed to go into the living room. 

Actually noticed it for the first time a week ago when we had a big blackout in Kuching last Sunday.  It was in the kitchen that time.  And we took necessary action to make sure the kitchen door is closed at all time, to prevent it from going into the dining room and living room.  But somehow it managed to squeeze in. 

So we immediately bought some mouse glue traps and a mouse trap on Saturday night to trap it down.  The mouse must be hungry because it was caught in the mouse cage instead.  Or the cuttlefish attracted it.

We placed few of this mouse glue around the trap to prevent it from escaping.  But they were not used so we shall keep them for next use.

The caught mouse also left behind some shits and pee.  So after cleaning the area, I need to disinfect my mop.  Heard that mouse residues are very poisonous to human beings.  

This is the little culprit.  Hahaha!  We were too eager to catch the mouse that we did not bother to peel off the price tag on the cage.  Lol!  It was a baby mouse and after left under the hot sun, it did not survive for till noon time.  RIP little mouse.


suituapui said...

New house, got rat? Aiyorrrrr!!!!!

Hmmm...sometimes burnt a bit, extra nice. Got the wok hei fragrance.

Ez Vina said...

Time to get a cat :)

wenn said...

rats are everywhere. Some came in my house too and I had to use the sticky glue..

Small Kucing said...

hate rats....they chew up everything

Coffee Girl said...

Eek! the mouse got into the mousetrap! yay! the mouse died? :(

*chuckle* i tot that was the price tag for the mouse on sale.

Cynful Pleasure said...

oh No.. Mickey's friend got caught.. but we don't mind those with 2 legs, but 4 legs? Eeewww..

Cale Breeze said...

You left it under the hot sun?

So it died a slow and painful death... you basically tortured it. You're disgusting.

Cale Breeze said...

You could have drowned it... it's quicker, less painful... more humane. But no, you had to give it heatstroke and make it die slowly.