Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moms interaction

I am excited that I am going to be a full-time mom next month.  It is going to be a new experience for me as I know taking care of my family and house is a big responsibility.  Nothing come easy. 

But thanks to mom forum, I am now learning more skills and techniques when it comes to managing my household.  I enjoy its forum on food and cooking.  I learnt a lot of interesting stuff about cooking techniques and how to use some ingredients and herbs that I never tried before.  You can say that my cooking has improved a lot and hubby also giving a thumb up to my dishes.  It makes my day to see that my family enjoying my cooking and it makes me want to cook and experience more in food.  I am not saying that I am a food expert but cooking for my family is very satisfying.

I also participate in its home improvement forum where I learnt some gardening tips and home decoration ideas.  I have been planting some potted flowers and herbs for few weeks.  Slowly my mini garden is growing and when they do, I will share some pictures with you.  Now too shy to show you my products.  *wink*

Another great forum that I enjoyed is its parenting general which concentrate on parenting.  There are a lot of experienced parents out there and I am glad to know that some parents are voicing up their concern and also have almost similar problems like I do.  It gives me some insight although each of us have different way of parenting.  No one is right or wrong here, but I learnt and improved my relationship with both kids.  My eldest are more willing to talk to me now on almost everything.  As for my younger child, he is learning better and can converse more now.  He is more than happy to play with other kids unlike one year ago. 

So for new parents especially moms, you can drop by mom forum and learn almost everything in the forum. It helps me a lot.  I know I would be frequenting the forum more next month because some are becoming my friends and giving me good advices.  I know I would not be bored when I am staying at home. 

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