Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing with turquoise

I know it is Monday today.  Most people would be having Monday Blues after 2 rest days.  Not for me!  *wink*  Because I see TURQUOISE instead!

Over the weekend I were experimenting with colours again.  This time with one of my favourite colours.  Turquoise.  I love this lovely combination colour of green and blue. 

Nothing extravagant.  Just something fun and lively to look at.  Use sheer polish with blue glitters. Then paint turqouise colour on the tip of the nails.  Dab some white colour lightly on the wet turqouise colours with toothpick or unused eye liner.  Once the colours have dried up, paint coat polish on nails. 

Like it? 

I found a very useful nail polish remover wipes! Cost less than RM5.00 per pack with 30 pieces in it. And it comes with few scents and I choose apple as my wipes. Cute right???

It cleans and removes the nail polish effectively and even moisture my nails. No strong smell at all.

Have a great week, everyone!


yvonne said...

You DIY yourself? Nice!

I'm so busy that I have no time for any manicure~

Anzerin said...

I've lost my time to my works, my kids and some bakings... Hardly coloured my nail dy. I miss that. Hopefully I done something nice this coming 2013 cny. Hehehe....that nail polish remover looks effective. where you get that?

Hayley said...

You did the nails yourself? Not bad oh~

Where can we get the remover wipes?

Ez Vina said...

I think plain polish would be better.

Small Kucing said...

how to DIY? You must have very steady hand :).

Rose said...

Hi girls! Thanks for the comments. I did the colours myself. Very simple and easier than putting those nail stickers on. hahaha! It does not take much times too.

As for the wipes, I bought from a shop near to my shop. I think you can find it in accessories shops or nail colour shops. Only RM4.90. Better than those in bottles which always evaporate and gone even when you close the lid tightly.

Anzerin said...

thanks for the info. ur DIY is very tidy and nice.