Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drama in middle of the night

(Tuning back to last weekend)

We had a very late night on Saturday since the kids were not around.  You can said, both hubby and myself were having a  great time without the kids.  Lol!

We opened up a bottle of chivas while having a movie marathon.  We watched 3 movies that night in the comfort of our living room while having some coke chivas.  We watched "Tin Tin", "Super 8" and "Taken".  Till after midnight. Seldom slept that late, so I was a bit light headed heading to bed.

I was about to dozed off when suddenly hubby came knocking at the bedroom door.  Knowing that I didnt lock the door and he was having a cigarette in one of the bathrooms which is outside our room.  So why was he knocking at the door? 

Gosh!  The door knob was jammed!  We had a problem with my girl's bedroom door knob too few days ago but luckily after few jamming and pushing, I managed to open her room door without further damage.  Now this round it was our bedroom door.  With hubby outside and I were in the room, we tried to open the door but in vain.  With no choice, hubby had to hammer down the knob.  So you can imagine the noise in the middle of the night although hubby tried to keep the noise to minimal level. 

After more than an hour, the knob was taken off and we got a big hole on our door!  It was almost 1.30am by then. Both of us were too tired and slept till 9am on Sunday morning and were late for our church mass.  Lol!

We decided to change all the door knobs before any of us get locked out (or in) again! 


eugene said...

so did you watch "taken 1 or 2" ?
wa now I see you betul betul know how to enjoy lol,, movies marathon,chivas some more,,,geng lah

suituapui said...

Oh dear!!! At least when I stayed at the KLIA hotel, it was just the toilet door...

Small Kucing said...

If not mistaken , no need to hamper off the knob. There is a tiny hole at bottom. Just need to insert something sharp under the hole and the knob can be dismantled

check out He wrote about that once

Rose said...

Mamarazzi, we tried that too, but cannot dislodge the latch. The latch jammed!