Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He is going to school

Brought my young boy to register for next year enrolment in Q-Dees this morning.  He is going to P1 next year.  And as usual in his cheeky mood, he disturbed the lady in the office while I was busy filling the forms.  The lady been courteous, handed over a piece of paper and pencil for him and ended up been tortured by Baby Jay to draw pictures for him.  Lol!  That is my boy.  I am expecting his class teacher is having some problem with him in class.

You can say that Q-Dees is one of the expensive kindergardens around Kuching.  For P1, it costs RM1796 for new students because you need to buy new sets of uniforms, stationery and other stuff for them.  Per semester (3 months) costs less than RM1500.00.  We will be coming back end of December to collect uniforms and stationery since the uniforms are not ready. 

Luckily my girl is going to primary school next year.  Otherwise cannot imagine the fees that we need to pay for both kids if they are going to the same kindergarden.  Sigh!


Broccoli Ginger said...

wow! that's very expensive.. :P

wenn said...

nowadays kindergarten is very expensive..

Mummy to QiQi said...

Everything is so expensive now, apa lagi Q-dees. My nephew did very well in that school. Am sure your boy will love going to school.