Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 months

That is how long we have been staying in our current home.  2 months coming tomorrow. 

Few things that we have not get down to doing it are:

  1. telephone and streamyx line - we have not go to Telekom requesting for change of lines.  So other than iPad and Samsung Gallaxy III, I do not have other source of going online at home
  2. ASTRO - we have not register our ASTRO line.  So we are on DVD for time beings.  Hubby has so many DVD at home that I joked to him on selling them off and earn money. 
  3. Car porch tiles - we have not hunt for tiles and get people to place on the porch.  Need to budget for the tiles and works
  4. Roofing - need to do the roofing at the backyard. 
  5. Auto gate - Hubby insisted on it although I do not like it.  Because if no electricity how??  We do not have small side gate to go into the house in case of emergency. 
Still a lot to upgrade and install....Sigh! 


yvonne said...

My personal opinion, auto gate helps a lot, especially on rainy days :)

suituapui said...

You will need to make a side gate in the main gate to get in when there is a blackout...which seems very often these days in Kuching!

Hayley said...

Rose, if there's no electricity, the auto gate will run on it's battery so don't worry. The only problem is the gate will move slower when it's on battery, hehe.