Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dust invasion

This is what we get when some dumb and inconsiderate people do not care about other people' wellfare.  Even after complaining, no one bother about the dirts and dust caused.  And what do boards built half-way done good to the surrounding tenants? Shouldnt the boards been  constructed all the way up to the ceiling and covering the affected area?

They are currently hacking off the ceiling and top floor cement to shift the existing escalator.  So all those asbestos, and debris are flying around the building. And my shop is just situated right in front of the escalator. Sigh!

I am having skin and eyes allergy now.  I never have much skin and eyes allergy problem before, but since the renovation started a couple of weeks ago, I developed eyes irritation and itchy skin.  Luckily nothing serious although I cannot wear my contact lenses for few days due to the eye irritation.  And need to wear face mask around, or I would be breathing dust into my body.  Yikes!


yvonne said...

Sad to say, many are selfish and inconsiderate. They are only thinking for themselves.

Hope the renovation work finishes fast.

Small Kucing said...

i thought even if it's not up to the ceiling they still have to put up those plastic to lock the dust from coming out? why the building management didnt do anything about it

wenn said...

I dislike that too but what could be done..