Thursday, November 8, 2012

They're killing me!


This has been going for 2 days and I do know how long I can stand them!  The noise and dust!  Gosh!

There are some major works to the escalator right in front of my shop.  Shifting the direction of the escalator so now it is full of dust and noise (from the tiling works and dismantling of escalator) for the rest of the week over here. A big hole was dug up to the basement to accommodate the new escalator route.  They even do works at night, so the noise is so overwhelming not to mention the dust because they do not bother to cover the area.  I placed my 2 kids in my parents' house last night because I do not want them to expose to the dust and noise. 

Now talking to customers also have to scream my lung out.  Annoying.  Not only me but my customers too.  And I think I have a re-occuring sore throat.  My throat has not fully recovered since last week. 



Sarawak Travel, Borneo said...
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Ez Vina said...

Thank God you won't be there long rite?! Wear mask ok.

Cynful Pleasure said...

oh.. take care! guess reno is always the irritating part..

wenn said...

well, we can't avoid that..just be patient and things will clear up soon..