Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have a sweet tooth

I have been thinking of it the whole week. And I did not do anything about it since then.

Last night I have been thinking of it more frequent and was craving for it so much that I have to pour myself a big glass of cold drink. Gosh! Even when I were at my mum’s place for dinner, I would pour myself a glass of cold red guava juice.

Is it me or is it the weather?? It is damn hot for a couple of months, not much rain pour since Chinese New Year. Luckily lately there was some rain in the evening. But I am sweating the next minute I come out from the shower. I am sweating every minute. Now I am taking bath 3 times a day. So I am craving for something cold every day.

Oh I haven’t tell you what I have been thinking of. Sorry… lingers in my brain and I think I am going crazy because of it. ICE CREAM! Yes. A cone of nice smooth vanilla ice cream. *salivating* I have been thinking ice cream for a week now. Even ever I passed Sunny Hill, I think of Sunny Hill’s ice cream. At home, I would think of Mc D’s or Sugarbun’s ice cream and have an urge to call home delivery, just to order my ice cream. Lol!

Cannot stop thinking of it now....sigh! Alright, enough craving for now. I think I will get myself a cone of ice cream when I pass Sunny Hill this few days!! My cleaning lady told me that I shouldn't hold back on my craving. Just go and eat it. Or my baby will be come out drooling like hell. Hmm, true or not? Thought most babies do drool?? Hmm, now it is my turn salivating, thinking of my ice cream. Lol!


bigfish_chin said...

Oh ya! Mommy, don't make your baby drooling... :) GO AHEAD!

FAD MOM said...

i love ice cream! ya sometimes i get into that craving frenzy


Merryn said...

wow.. it's nice dat u crave on ice-cream. at least it's not impossible to get.. my sis crave on 'mata kucing' when it is not in season!!! :)