Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breakfast and a box of chocolate

It has been many months since we stepped into Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant, Crowne Square for breakfast. We reached there around 10.30am, and saw not many cars at the parking lot. Hubby's company has an exhibition booth there so thought of dropping by after breakfast. When we reached Causeway Bay, wow! We were very surprised that the restaurant was nearly packed. Hmm, wonder where all those folks parked their cars because the parking lots were not even quarterly fulled!

Nevertheless, we found a good spot and ordered our food. There were not many places serve nice tim sum in the city, but Causeway Bay sure does have a variety of tim sum to choose from. Taste-wise, so-so lah. We just love the environment.

I have a plate of chicken chop burger. Hubby had chicken porridge. We also ordered few plates of tim sum like har kau and mini sio pau.

Believe it or not, we finished everything. Lol! We must be hungry. So after the breakfast we went to the exhibition hall which is at the upper floor of the centre. They were having a bridal show so it was not surprise to see young couples at the exhibition hall. We were even approached by a bridal house for packages, and hubby jokingly told them we already have children! *laugh* Well, maybe not the bridal package but probably a family portrait of that sort??

One interesting booth that attracted us was this Sarawak homecraft chocolate booth by LVN Chocolates. They have some chocolates for tasting. They have varieties of chocolates and customers can even custom-made the chocolate to their own design for gifts etc. We ordered a box of chocolates ourselves. RM15 for 9 pieces.

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